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QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks Setup in Santa Fe & Albuquerque

Due in large part to its straightforward interface, QuickBooks has quickly become the go-to software for many business owners looking to take their bookkeeping in-house. However, as with traditional bookkeeping systems, the accuracy of your financial information depends on proper setup. To avoid the potentially expensive book-cleaning services that can result from incorrect entries, the professionals at Hinkle + Landers, PC help you implement QuickBooks properly.

Professionally-Aided Start-Up

When working with you to implement QuickBooks, Hinkle + Landers, PC will provide you with comprehensive assistance, from the initial installation to transferring over your physical books. Our setup services will help you to establish:

-          Which accounting method to use

-          What chart of accounts are necessary

-          How to handle beginning balances

-          How to transfer accounts mid-year

Our professionals will help you to digitize your books, ensuring continually accurate records and overcoming the significant barriers these tasks can present to proper bookkeeping. After the initial process of setting up QuickBooks, Hinkle + Landers, PC can provide your business with the training necessary to allow you to utilize this program to its fullest extent.

Implementing QuickBooks

When transferring your bookkeeping to QuickBooks, our Albuquerque & Santa Fe firms take into account several considerations to ensure your business’ needs are adequately met. Intuit has developed a variety of QuickBooks programs, each capable of serving the needs of businesses small and large. We help you to understand which version QuickBooks is most appropriate for your business. In addition, Hinkle + Landers, PC will make sure your computing hardware and software meet the minimum requirements.

The QuickBooks set up services we offer will show you how to properly:

·         Enter transactions

·         Enter ending bank statements and balances

·         Enter accounts receivable

·         Enter accounts payable

Once QuickBooks has been properly implemented, it will be easier to use monthly or quarterly data for tax preparation and management reports. You will also more easily record transactions with QuickBooks and receive an improved level of accountability.

Ready to Learn More? Contact Hinkle + Landers, PC

To learn more about the advantages that QuickBooks offers your business or to begin digitizing your business’ records, contact our firms in Albuquerque and Santa Fe today. With the help of Hinkle + Landers, PC, your business will be on its way to secure digital books with more easily recorded transactions. 

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