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Accounting Services for Indian Tribes and Pueblos

Accounting Services for Native American Tribes

Offering Financial Expertise for Casinos and Pueblos

Dedicated to the people and businesses of New Mexico, Hinkle + Landers, PC is experienced with accounting and auditing services for NM Indian Tribes and Pueblos. Our CPAs and auditors have extensive experience working with Tribal organizations and understanding Tribal internal controls in regards to state and federal regulations or those of the National Indian Gaming Commission.

Hinkle + Landers, PC will review and update current accounting methods and evaluate day-to-day financial operations in order to create more effective internal controls. We examine tribal accounting procedures and implement strategies to create on-demand financial statements for daily, monthly and quarterly usage. Our CPAs are dedicated to producing these comprehensive financial solutions for long-term management. We provide accounting services that are far beyond standard bookkeeping or bank account management. Our CPAs understand the complexities associated with tribal finances and have created unique solutions for efficient internal controls and continued compliance.

Benefits to Internal Audits

The word ‘audit’ is too often overlooked because of its association with negative connotations and penalties. In fact, an internal audit is overlooked by too many businesses when it could be the best measure for cost-effective development. Hinkle + Landers, PC employs experienced auditors who use internal controls for innovative change to a business’ financial structure. Internal audits will analyze financial controls and provide detailed information to improve accounting measures and reorganize internal infrastructure to increase efficiency. Our auditors use collected data to improve function which includes:

- Easy access to on-demand reports for better decision making strategies

- Highlight productivity standards to be used as testing benchmarks

- Track regulatory compliance for state and National Indian Gaming Commission standards

- Highlight risk factors and design a proactive approach to prevent potential fraudulent activity

Let Hinkle + Landers, PC make progressive changes to optimize accounting service needs. Let our internal audits show you how efficiently internal control standards become the benchmark for future testing of internal control systems. It doesn’t matter if the standards are dictated by state compact or if they are associated by the National Indian Gaming Commission.

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