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Child Care Centers

CYFD (Pre-K Program) Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP)

 Licensed child care providers that receive funding from the New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD) must submit to an annual audit to ensure that Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) are being followed. This audit process covers not only financial concerns, but also documentation including children’s developmental assessments, employee information and background checks, and advertised availability of the program.  Because of the breadth of the required examination, it is important to select an AUP auditor such as Hinkle + Landers, PC, that has skilled and knowledgeable staff with experience in each of the elements examined.  

Why Choose Hinkle + Landers, PC?

Hinkle + Landers, PC's AUP audit team has worked with CYFD child care grantees for nine years and has a thorough knowledge of the program requirements as well as any updates or changes which may affect your operations. We can walk you through the process step-by-step, and our friendly staff are happy to provide explanations throughout the process.

Hinkle + Landers, PC’s skilled audit professionals never view the audit process as a routine checklist to be completed and discarded, rather, we feel that every audit is an opportunity to help your business become stronger and more successful. While our reports will cover the required elements of the state’s annual review, we will also work with management to let them know where they might make improvements to increase efficiency and profitability over the next fiscal year.

The Experienced Child Care AUP Auditors You Need

Hinkle + Lander’s, PC’s experienced child care AUP auditors work with facilities throughout the state to ensure that not only are the intricacies of their financial performance adequately and completely documented, but that the services you provide to the children you care for are also thoroughly recorded to meet best practice standards.

We provide audits and reviews of financial statements, consulting services, and in-depth reports including:

  • Financial and Programmatic Testing compliance
  • Sampling of expenditures
  • Reviewing reconciliations
  • Review of expense allocation
  • Review of childrens' files
  • Review of ECERS-E

Other Financial Services

Our CPAs and accounting staff can also assist with general business financial needs such as bookkeeping, payroll, and tax reporting

Join Our List of Satisfied Child Care AUP Clients!

Just a few of our CYFD grant-affiliated clients are:

  • Bluebird Day Care and Learning Center
  • Busy Bees Child Care Center
  • Coronado Children’s Center
  • Southwest Child Care
  • The Children’s Center
  • Children’s World

Our goal is to help you be successful doing what you do best, caring for the most important resource for our future. Let us help you by doing what we do best.

Download a brochure on our childcare AUP services and reports here.

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